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Jerry and Judi Ferguson

Thank you VERY much for your most helpful inspection.  Not only have you helped us to make informed requests of the seller, but you have helped us to know what needs attention and how to prioritize the needs.  All that and we have new vocabulary words - who knew there was such a thing as a weep screed or that a swale actually had a name?

Again, we are very thankful for your professional, informative and HELPFUL service.

Many blessings,

Jerry and Judi Ferguson August 27, 2014

Edward R. Hamilton

Your report for us in 2003 was very thorough. This is somewhere way beyond that. Describing your report this time around as "thorough" would be gross understatement.

You have given us the equivalent of an owners manual for the near term. We'll have a few things to look at and tinker with, and a clear outline of what we may want to update, fix, or improve.

Thank you for doing a truly stellar job.

Edward R. Hamilton August 10, 2014

Matthew Taylor

I also want to compliment your professionalism and very detailed report. I am impressed by many elements of your report, not just the detail but other factors that I found exceptionally diligent. I am in awe how complete your report was and yes I read your credentials and all that is impressive too, but it is very evident you take your job seriously and did not rush the inspection. In my opinion this is the best report I have ever seen and applaud your ethical and professional work.

Thank you for your level of professionalism. The report was a bit lengthy for me and lots of information to read, some of it general home maintenance and not specific to this home. BUT If I were the BUYER this is exactly the type of report I would seek.

Thank you for elevating the "professionalism" level in our business of real estate. People like you are rare and great example for all to see.


Matthew Taylor Realtor March 14, 2014


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