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Home Inspection Gallery

Unique Homes – Earth Berm

This is an ‘earth berm’ home. Most of the home is underground and not visible from the exterior.

Unique Homes  – Cluttered

This is standing on the roof looking at the rear left yard.


The seller’s discloser on this home said there were no known problems with the roofing.


Just a slightly wide single overhead door on the outside. But on the inside…


No caption needed!


Sometimes furnaces are in unusual locations like the rear yard (this furnace is not rated for outdoor installations)...


Building Science is the study of how all systems and components in a home work and interact together. A frequent concern is blowers and fans, which can interfere with each other and cause ‘backdrafting’. A little background is needed for these photos. We are looking at a see-through fireplace from a family room. The living room is on the other side. The family room was originally a garage, and still has the solid door with weatherstripping between the living room and family room. The only return air vent for the central furnace is in the family room.