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house-31Home Inspection Fees

“Often the difference between inspectors is the quality of their reports. I spend almost as much time preparing a report as I do inspecting the home.” That is a quote from the ‘about your home inspection’ page on this web site. My fees are higher than most inspectors, because my reports are more detailed. I cannot compete with the fees from a home inspector that uses a ‘checklist’ report. These reports are ‘check the box’ reports that literally take 20 minutes to complete.

There is very little specific information in these reports, so the inspections take less time too. Inspectors using a checklist report can easily do two inspections a day, I personally know of inspectors that can do three inspections a day. The good news is checklist reports can be delivered on site.

I am a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI®), and abide by the ASHI code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. It is critical that a home inspector has no financial interest in a home he inspects. Therefore I cannot bill escrow for a home inspection fee. If a home inspector bills escrow, it is in his/her financial interest for the home to close to ensure payment.

Because I cannot bill escrow, payment must be received prior to the inspection. The basic fee schedule 20 cents per square foot. There is a $300 minimum, which gets you to 1500 sf. A 1700 sf would be $340, a 2100 sf would be $420, etc.

There is an additional $25 fee for homes more than 25 years old, $50 for homes more than 50 years old, $75 for homes more than 75 years old, and $100 for homes more than 100 years old. These inspections and reports take longer, mostly because I have to recommend and describe safety improvements and upgrades.

If you are ordering an inspection on anything other than a single family dwelling, please call to schedule the inspection and confirm the fee. Following are additional charges for more than one dwelling or building:
Additional Charges:

  • Multi-family (duplex, triplex, fourplex): 20 cents per total square foot + $25 for each additional unit.
  • Call for quotes on multi-family larger than a fourplex.
  • Guest Home: 20 cents per total square foot + $75 for the additional building.
  • Outbuildings are not inspected.  One attached or one (normal size) detached garage is included in the base fee. Call for a quote on additional detached garages or shops. The minimum fee is $50, but could be much more depending on the size and amenities (electrical panels, furnaces, plumbing/bathrooms, etc.).

Commercial inspection fees are usually the same as residential, but you need to call for a quote. Commercial buildings often take longer to inspect than a similar sized dwelling due to multiple and unique systems and components.